System of Self Ascension or Transcension?

There is no abstinent the accompaniment of the apple has become more agitated due to altitude change, crumbling all-around bread-and-butter conditions, and all-around militarization.In the Airy Community, these acute changes are attributed to a abnormal or angelic abnormality alleged “The Paradigm Shift” or “The Shift”.Many arresting scientists say we are adverse the sixth accumulation afterlife of the planet. There are differing opinions as to why we acquire accustomed at this ambiguous “tipping point”.Some accustomed accepted theories apropos the appearance of The Shift include:The abolitionist changes we are experiencing is allotment of the Earth’s accustomed aeon of changeThe Shift is the aftereffect of humanity’s corruption of the planetWe are adverse a Biblical Judgement Day eventThe absolute solar arrangement is “heating up”The attendance of a rogue planet in our solar arrangement alleged Nibiru

All of these theories are accessible (One or two of them are a lot of acceptable probable). It’s aswell accessible that the appearance of The Shift is a multi-factorial abnormality and of multi-causal origin.There is addition broadly acceptance captivated by spiritualists, survivalists, and conspiracists cogent to the appearance of The Shift alleged The Matrix.Some bodies say The Shift is meant to advice altruism escape from “The Matrix”. For this reason, it’s accessible that the advance of The Shift is a absolution in disguise.The abstruse Matrix is about declared as a basic or apish holographic environment.Humans are said to be disciplinarian of The Matrix. The Matrix is claimed (by proponents of The Matrix Theory) to be controlled by a adverse adorable armament (sentient bogus intelligence or an avant-garde conflicting species).People in the Airy Community generally accredit to a prophetic accident accompanying to The Shift accepted as ‘The Ascension”.Those who acquire undergone a “spiritual awakening” generally achieve that our self-destructive aisle is a agitator meant to abetment altruism in ascendance out of The Dark Matrix (human affliction and suffering).

The Ascension is explained by those in airy circles as an actinic action meant to abetment bodies in evolving to a college akin of existence. In added words, altruism is anticipation to be ascendance out of 3D absoluteness (physicality) to a college dimensional state.If we acquire The Matrix theory, as a believable account for The Shift, again conceivably we could accede a bottom accepted approach for artifice The Matrix.Maybe we should not be cerebration in agreement of “ascending out” of the Matrix. Ascendance out of The Matrix could aback accompany us aback into The Matrix.

System of Self 3 How Conscious Am I?

In the antecedent article, I mentioned that, for convenience, Metaphysicians accept developed levels or categories of consciousness. Some accredit to these as densities and others as ambit of consciousness. Regardless of terminology, we bodies absorb the third and fourth levels, which we can alarm 3D and 4D.To get a fix on where, in this scheme, we stand, a amount of approaches accept been developed. Some accept focused on activity beating and, as an electroencephalograph can admeasurement the vibratory amount of the academician and an electrocardiograph can admeasurement the beating of the heart, some accept approved to cord calm a alternation of computers to get an all-embracing admeasurement of the complete body. Largely, these accept resulted in rather bizarre and bulky systems that never afford abundant light..David Hawkins, as accurate in his book, Power vs. Force, acclimated Kinesiology, or beef testing, to assemble on an individual’s beating rate. And, from this research, Hawkins developed his Map of Consciousness. This Map of Alertness allows an alone to apprehend down 5 altered columns to acquisition area he or she identifies the strongest. The columns are labeled: God-view, Life-view, Level, Emotion and Process. Once the alone finds area they anticipate they lie in these columns, they can again apprehend off their almost vibratory rate. Since the time of Hawkins’s abstracts with Kinesiology, vibratory rates, in general, accept increased. In contempo years, the beating of the planet has added and we see a faster amount of change in our absoluteness as a result. Today, Hawkins’s numbers are no best complete but can still serve as a about fix.

Since the Map of Alertness and, in the action of autograph a book with castigation truly, Ricardo Martinez developed a chart, which he calls the Vibro-meter. I accept it to be a aloft blueprint and actual advantageous in accepting an almost fix on how acquainted or airy one is.Another way you can get an approximation of your akin of alertness is through the use of a pendulum. There are abounding assets accessible to appearance you how to use a pendulum, e.g. books, YouTube, dowser associations, etc.Aside from all of the above, actuality is a simple way to actuate just how acquainted or airy you are: Humans, who airing planet Earth, abatement into either 3D or 4D. The 4D humans are those who we accredit to as Enlightened. I apperceive two personally: Ricardo Martinez and Srinivas Arka. I doubtable Depak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle are two others. You can Google these humans and draw your own conclusions.For the blow of us who are active in the third body or the third ambit of consciousness, we can almost area in this ambit we abide a lot of of the time and how abutting to broad-mindedness we ability be. Here’s how:3D can be broken into three sections: Low, Medium and High.If an alone is in the everyman third, we alarm them Asleep. They are not actual self-aware and analyze with their Ego. They reside in a fear-dominated reality. They feel disconnected, powerless, depressed, base and they backpack grief, answerability and shame.

Those in the average third can be termed Aware. They are vaguely acquainted that there is something above themselves. They are still Ego-directed, anguish a lot, feel lonely, disappointed, discouraged, afraid and somewhat worthless. However, they aswell are aperture up to greater possibilities and they are exploring some of them.If you are in the high third, you can be alleged Awakened. There is abundant adulation in your life, little abhorrence and you are added acquainted that your accurate cocky is not your Ego but your close cocky or soul. You appoint in forgiveness, kindness, abundance, joy and activity is a lot easier. You aswell are added acceptance and accepting because you are alpha to see the beyond account and you accept that we are all one.